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My Story

Ms. FeLishia Franklin has been called many things but the one that stands out the most is; a leader by example. Her blend of tenacity, analytical abilities, and effective communication skills lend her to consistently being the “go-to” individual to accomplish challenging tasks. Ms. Franklin is multifaceted having held positions at the federal level, state level, and not for profit level. She is involved in several for-profit and nonprofit organizations to include: the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention where she serves as a Field Advocate, Lighthouse Counseling Center, Inc. STAR Advocate, and even her own organization; It’s Real Life Coaching, Inc.


While pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology, Ms. Franklin began her career with the Alabama Department of Corrections as a Correctional Officer. She worked her way up through the ranks by working in both male and female institutions, promoting to Correctional Sergeant, and promoting to the Investigations & Intelligence Unit as a PREA Sergeant (Prison Rape Elimination Act). Ms. Franklin is also a former Use of Force Review Investigator for the Alabama Department of Corrections Law Enforcement Services Department formerly known as Investigations and Intelligence. While pursing higher education in Pre-Law, Law and Policy, Ms. Franklin also served a tenure as an Alabama Bureau of Pardons and Paroles Probation and Paroles Specialist.


Ms. Franklin is also a Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force Air National Guard. Her over a decade military career has afforded her the opportunity to be diverse by cross training into the Personnel Career field, Administrative and Knowledge Operations Career field, and Maintenance Career field as an Aerospace Ground Equipment Specialist. Ms. Franklin currently serves as a Religious Affairs Personalist. She is widely known as the Suicide Prevention Program Manager for the 187th Fighter Wing Air National Guard, to which she passionately trained and educated the Unit on Suicide Prevention and Awareness.


The many life trials and tribulations Ms. Franklin has endured and overcome are the driving force behind her work ethic and determination and the reason she strives to do what she has been told she could not. Ms. Franklin is adamantly convinced that everything she went through was all preparation for her assignments and where she is headed. Ms. Franklin realized that often it is easier to help others through situations when you have been in that position or similar yourself. She knows all too well what it is like to find yourself after losing yourself when life happens. Ms. Franklin’s desire is to help others do the same. She has always believed, though life happens, one can get through whatever hand life deals them if they want it bad enough. This very mentality positioned her to become a Domestic Violence Awareness and Emotional Abuse Educator, and Certified ASIST Trainer (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training). Ms. Franklin serves as the Department Head for the Domestic Violence and Emotional Abuse Ministry Department for New Life Church of God in Christ in Montgomery, Alabama.


Ms. Franklin is determined that God’s plan for her life involves helping and empowering others in some fashion. In 2016, Ms. Franklin was divinely placed in a position to save a life by way of being a living organ donor. In March 2017, Ms. Franklin underwent a major surgery and donated one of her kidneys. This act not only saved a life, but also strengthened her trust and faith in God. She has been uniquely equipped with the gifts, passion, and assignments of motivational speaking and mentoring. Ms. Franklin has been afforded the opportunity to encourage, educate, and mentor through speaking’s and teachings of various topics. Ms. Franklin has a heart to empower not only women but also men by helping them overcome obstacles and build confidence.


FFLA Mission

Our mission is to identify and develop business opportunities, provide expert consultation, and deliver quality customer service while meeting our client's unique needs. Retaining our valued clients by assuring we continue to provide the best services possible that will contribute to the attainment of our company and our client's goals

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